So it’s been a busy week at Hypernode headquarters. There’s been lots of development on internal processes and customers testing Varnish brought up lots of interesting bugs to fix 🙂

This release brings you:

  1. Migrating nodes that have Varnish enabled will now just work ™ instead of crashing.
  2. We’ve created Jenkins jobs that test Hypernodes with Varnish in combination of Turpentine. It tests things like:
    1. Does PHPMyAdmin still work well? It should not pass through Varnish.
    2. Does Varnish cache Magento well?
    3. Is the latest Turpentine version compatible with our setup? (surprise, it’s not (yet))
  3. We’ve created magerun turpentine:config:save that writes the VCL for Turpentine to Varnish from the command line. This was something we needed for tests, but here it is anyway.


Some internal things:

  1. Creating new nodes would sometimes fail on a few details. This process is now much better to monitor because of how we restructured the internal logging and retrying.
  2. Sometimes the Nginx config reloader would crash. Now we monitor it better so we can get it back on its feet.
  3. We’ve been testing a new centralized log gathering system. More on that in later releases.